you know my story, not my pansexual. Ronnie Radke is my hero, he saved my life. <3 TAKEN ! 6-13-14
  • sammpittapatta:

    This could not be more spot on.

    • Most Parents: You can tell me anything honey!
    • Parents: Ew, I can't stand gay people, they are so gross!
    • Parents: Cutters are so crazy, Im glad my family is normal, and not so fucked up.
    • Parents: I swear those girls on tv with Eating disorders are just wanting attention.
    • Me: Yeah i'm fine.
  • trippyzourry:

    Yeah you should……

  • madaboutwonder:

    My parents don’t understand  my teachers dont understand; sometimes i feel nobody will ever understand! im speaking the truth, that i dont know what to do; and im trying my hardest in everthing i do but nothing goes right! I feel my bad thoughts take over me constantly! 

  • loveheartsshitandthoughts:

    Does anyone besides me?! Prolly not

  • diaryofalonelydepressedgirl:

    Tonight I almost broke…My parents don’t understand at all…I wish we could switch bodies, then they would have all my memories, all my thoughts, then they’d go through week, they’d feel what I feel…But no, that’ll never happen. So tonight I almost broke. I had the blade in my hand, and my wrist was free of scars. I had been clean and unbroken for cutting for months…And I was going to kill my butterfly..But Then I looked through tumblr and saw Demi Lovato Stay Strong Posts…And it stopped me..

    • Parents: How are you?
    • Me: *Hair starts falling out*
    • Me: *Hands start violently shaking*
    • Me: *Grinds teeth*
    • Me: *Clenches fists*
    • Me: *Looks around nervously*
    • Me: *Hides scars*
    • Me: *Hides "tools"*
    • Me: *Worries about every little thing*
    • Me: I'm fine.
    • Me: *Fakes a smile*
    • Me: I'm just really tired.
  • zahadka:

    Dear parents:

    The depression hasn’t gone away, I just stopped telling you about it.

    • mom: hey come and look at this
    • me: mom im not in the mood. I'm tired.
    • mom: what could possibly tired you out?
    • me: well i have to wake up early every morning and go through the same routine everyday. I go to school where I feel stupid, insecure and lonely and then come home and think about how empty my life is. then i get to lay in bed and reflect on how my future doesn't hold anymore hope than the present does. so i guess I'm just tired of being depressed and anxious. life has worn me out.
    • mom: fine sit on your lazy ass.
    • me: okay.